A Unique Coastal Carolina Rock Band

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I attended several concerts of LunaSea and they never fail to excite. The inclusion of a brass section and song selection keeps the dance floor filled. If your walls aren't shaken and the dance floor ain't breakin it isn't LunaSea”

— Tony Rizzo

2021 Live Events Demo Reel

Thank you LunaSea for your amazing music last night! Samara’s Village appreciates your support. Now I know why we sold out immediately! The band is the greatest!!!! THANK YOU!”

— Mary Galligan - Samara's Village

2020 Sold Out - Jetport Concert Event

Thank you for an amazing night. The band was crazy, energetic and fun. People can’t stop talking about it. Big music fans were mesmerized. People asked all night where we found the band. ”

— Claire Woods

LunaSea 2019 Demo Reel Live Events

Recent Event - Samara's Village Benefit Dance

LunaSea Rockers Sold out Samaras Village Benefit Concert and Dance